Uniqlo Flannel Invasion


Make Flannel Relevant Again

Flannel shirt is heavily associated with the outdoors. It’s something you wear in cold weather and during mountain adventures, usually worn by lumberjacks and grunge musicians.
So how can we shift this already established perception for Uniqlo's 40 new Flannel lineups? How do we turn an irrelevant classic piece into a modern, stylish daily look for city-dwellers?

To gain a new
perspective is to disrupt
the normal routine.

We invaded Jakarta's most crowded public places during rush hour, turning the capital into a fashion runway with 30 models dressed in different styles of flannel.
We wanted to create a walking fashion lookbook, sparking styling inspiration on how you can incorporate flannel in your day-to-day life.
To create digital buzz, we orchestrated a comprehensive digital conversation script—social media postings and new coverages—delivered by relevant KOLs and media partners in a familiar and day-to-day voice. Resulting in trending tweets and a significant number of Instagram stories, it became the talk of the town and sparked conversations regarding flannel.
Finally, when the conversation was at its peak, Uniqlo Indonesia and all 30 models posted the campaign reveal at the same time, converting conversations into desires to purchase the products.