Buku Rukun Bertetangga


How To Be A Good Neighbor

Community-based coffee brand, Tuku, was growing organically at a fast rate. New shops were opening every month, expanding their reach in and outside of Java. As the Tuku family grows, how do we ensure every family member understands what the brand stands for and how it ticks?
At the heart of Tuku is its tetangga, or “neighbors”, referring to the people they encounter on a daily basis: from customers, partners, vendors, parking attendants, to the old lady across the store selling fresh coconuts.
Tuku believes in building a good relationship with its neighbors, making it not only a place to buy coffee, but also a part of the community. This is the key to Tuku’s presence and continuous growth: understanding their role as a good neighbor.

Tuku's story was so inspiring 
that we wanted to share it 
hoping that everyone else 
would get inspired as well.

Buku Rukun Bertetangga is a pocket-sized employee playbook that tells the history, the values and the inspiration behind Tuku as a brand. But more than that, Buku Rukun Bertetangga also sparks conversation and triggers participation.
Conveyed in different interactive formats, Buku Rukun Bertetangga encourages and guides Tuku employees, such as baristas on how to adopt the brand’s values in day-to-day operation and make the customers feel at home. It’s a book that encapsulates the spirit of being a good neighbor and carries on the legacy of Toko Kopi Tuku.