Jakarta Experience Board Branding


Jakarta: Explore, Excite, Experience

How do you see Jakarta? A central for business and finances? A roaring nightlife hub? A transit city to different parts of Indonesia? However you see it, one thing that visitors still do not see is Jakarta as a tourism destination.
In 2020, PT Jakarta Tourisindo (JAKTOUR) initiated a rebranding and refocusing of its services. From hospitality-centric to building the touristic experiences of the city. From a more conventional structure to injecting a more youth-driven and open-office culture. So how do we make a new branding identity that resonates with this new energy?

We started with
a new name.
A purpose for
those who wear it.
An expectation
for those
who hear it. 

So born the identity of Jakarta Experience Board, the city’s own integrated tourism hub. Our goal is to shift the perception that Jakarta is beyond its functions. It encapsulates the stories that builds the city, and reflects those anecdotes into shareable experiences for everyone to consume.
The three-colored ‘X’ becomes the main identity, symbolizing the intersection point between Jakarta (the infrastructure and the people), the Experiences (the stories and destinations), and the Board (the facilitators and enabler). It is colored in the day to night hues of Jakarta’s MENOR color family. The three lines is activated to live in different corners of the city, to inspire all in experiencing the streets, the diversity and the people that makes Jakarta the vibrant city it always is.